Operating Do Not’s

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When you hear “DUI”, what immediately comes to mind? Probably a beverage, that has alcohol, and probably some kind of vehicle, right? That is the typical image of what a DUI is. After all, it does stand for “driving” under the influence. And what do you drive? A car.

But this isn’t always the case. Think about it. The reason why driving is so dangerous when you have had a few drinks is because you are moving. And it’s more than just moving on your own two feet – that’s you in control of you and you do you boo. But when you are in a vehicle, you are taking your life, and the life of those around, into the hands of a motor, a wheel, and the chance that you can coordinate yourself enough to pay attention to all that is involved when operating said vehicle. It’s A LOT!

The word “vehicle” is interpreted as a thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land, such as a car, truck, or cart. The word “driving” is defined as the control and operation of a motor vehicle. So, let’s put two and two together. If you are in a vehicle, no matter the purpose, and you are driving said vehicle, to wherever, you are considered operating a vessel, that has a running motor, that is intended to be paid attention to, especially when taken out on any distance.

So, what am I trying to get at here with all of this “mumbo jumbo”? You can get a DUI while operating more than just your Corolla or Prius, I am actually going to give you a list of vehicles that are considered motorized that are illegal to operate while under the influence.

  1. Boats – yes, you can get a DUI on a boat. Which is really unfortunate if you think about it? Because how many of us love to go out, especially in the summer, and chill on our boat whilst drinking a cold beer? Everyone, everyone loves to do this! But just like you need that “DD” when at the bar, you need the same on your day on the lake.


  1. Bikes – while it may not have a motor, lets revisit our definition of a vehicle – after all, the term is operating a vehicle. If you are on a bike, you are transporting people/goods, i.e. yourself. Even more, if said bike has a motor on it, you are double duty in trouble.


  1. This same approach can be said for our next two – Segway’s and Mopeds. Don’t even think about it. You have now gone from four wheels to two, don’t back track like that.


  1. Tractors – you can actually get a DUI on a tractor! Who owns a tractor?! “Oh, hey Debra. After this twelve pack of Coors, let’s go hop on my good ‘ol John Deer and cruise the town!” – said No One Ever.


  1. Same goes for a lawn mower, and no not your typical push and pull one you use on the front lawn that 5ft by 5ft. I mean an actual riding lawn mower. Now, I’m not saying that people do not have these things on hand. But who would go riding one after knocking back a few?? Actually, now that I think about it, maybe it would sound like something a really drunk person would do. But don’t! That’s the last thing that you should do in that situation.


  1. Golf carts – I get it. A day out on the course, a few drinks down, hitting those balls back and forth, soaking up that sun in your cute country club outfit. Who wouldn’t love a day like that? That’s where the trouble stems from. The idea that this is fun and relaxing and who would ever think that there would be consequences?


  1. And my favorite, most hilarious of them all, dun, dun, dun, drum roll…. A child’s toy car! YUP, you heard me right. Don’t even think about squeezing those cheeks into your nieces Barbie Jeep while sipping on your dry martini, no olives, cruising at that slow 5 mph down Cherry Lane. It may seem like a fun, great idea, completely picture worthy and Instagram approved, but the law does not seem to agree. Technically, it is considered motorized, and you will get slapped with a nasty DUI.


Overall moral of the list is, don’t drink and operate. It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s not. Because not everyone knows the law in it’s fullest. Which is why proceeding with caution is always best. If you have to ask, it’s probably a no. If you are going to drink, that’s great! Live it up my friends. Just leave the driving to the sober people, they know what to do.

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Drive safe, be responsible, and have a good time!