Hello May!

May 10, 2019 |Share this Article:

Happy May, everyone! May is great, flowers are blooming, everything is bright and colorful, the weather is perfect, and with all that, we can all be found frolicking outside. Especially for us Arizonians, being outside this time of year is a short-lived luxury – that heat sure loves to creep up on us quick. So, what do we do with all of this outside time? Go on walks, drive around with our windows down, go hiking, but most commonly, we can all be found out by the BBQ, surrounded by our friends and family, with coolers of beer and spritzers, yum!

This is the perfect time of year for this. It’s not so hot that we are ready for that pool, sunbathing life, but it is just warm enough to hang out outside without sweat beading up on our backs. One of the best parts of getting together, eating hamburgers and fresh fruit, is that ice cold Heineken or Hard lemonade (or whatever preference you may have).

As we all know, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a good time and enjoy those frosty drinks. But, as we also know, this super yummy indulgence needs to be approached and enjoyed responsibly.  What does that mean? That means that you can have a great time, so long as you have a game plan in place.

Designate a driver, there are people who either don’t drink, or who may not be feeling the drinking game that day, hit them up for a ride! If not, take a LYFT. As much as you may think, or may have been led to believe, LYFT’s are actually pretty reasonably priced (and much cheaper than a DUI).  If this doesn’t work out for you, ask for a couch or pull out bed. I am sure that you will not be turned down! Despite the possible uncomfortable awkwardness of asking, no one wants to subject you to take your own life in your hands getting into a vehicle in an intoxicated state. I promise you; you will be happy you asked.

It shouldn’t be an embarrassing topic, asking, or looking, for support if you plan on drinking. Sometimes this society that we live in can make it feel taboo to talk about drinking. It’s really just something everyone knows happens, but don’t want to bring attention to how much it actually happens.  Who has the right to tell you how much alcohol is acceptable? (And this is in no way a throw at those who may be getting help for alcoholism. This is a whole other, social drinking around friends’ sort of subject).  If you want to have a good time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, then you go ahead and bask in that good time.  You deserve to kick back and have a few.

Instead of having drinking be this “taboo” subject of “don’t tell anyone how much you have actually drunk, they may think you have a problem”. Embrace it. Take that break you are giving yourself from everyday hard work and grind and own it. Through owning it, ask or take in that help.  That is what responsibility looks like.

And who knows, one day these situations may look different. We are getting there; I will say that. There are slight changes that can be seen. Billboards have been put up, advertising safe driving. We have all seen those funny posts on the freeway signage saying things like “drinking and driving go together like peas and gauc”. Yes, they are funny and eye catching, but they are also memorable; especially if you drive past it on a daily basis.

At some point, on those days you like to let loose, this sign may just save you from getting behind that wheel.  You may be looking to leave and before you do, you remember that sign and think to yourself, maybe you should make other plans. That’s the purpose, right? To make you stop and think, before you drink… and then drive.

It’s a good thing that, as a society, we are getting better about recognizing the problem we have had with drinking and driving. The lower we can get the statistics down, the more lives that can be saved. Because drinking and driving does not affect just the person doing it. There are other people on the road – older people, younger people, children, teenagers, etc. These people are on the road for many different reasons, one of those reasons is not to be involved in a drinking and driving incident.

So, let’s all make that effort to be responsible and to not drink and drive. We can only control what we do, so if we each make a personal effort to make those plans to not drink and drive, then one by one these incidences will go away.

We all should enjoy this perfect time of the year, so enjoy away! Have fun but remember to be responsible. If you do get a DUI, you currently have one, or you know someone who has one, give us a call – DPX DUI Process Experts (602-441-9444). Getting a DUI can be scary and confusing, and we want to make it better for you. We are a free service just for you, to help you navigate this tricking, sticky DUI mess. We don’t want you to suffer anymore than what you are already putting yourself through. We want you back on that road. This time responsible, safe, and cognoscente of your actions.

We will help you through every step – alcohol assessment, traffic survival school, getting the proper insurance (SR-22), and getting your ignition interlock installed. Reach out today, you’ll be happy you did!

“We don’t always drink, but when we do, we do it responsibly” – The Most Interesting Man in the World.