Even Celebrities Make Mistakes

Feb 04, 2020 |Share this Article:

As most of our world loves to gossip, and as much as we all would like to deny it, gossip happens, we simply can’t help ourselves. Especially when it is super juicy! So what is the juiciest of all gossip talk? Tabloids, featuring celebrities, showing them in “normal people” situations.

As a normal person, I always like to think that a celebrity is not much different than me. (Other than the glam and good looks, of course). So, when a said celebrity is caught wearing sweats and a t-shirt out in public, chomping down on a Big Mac, no make-up, in a somewhat normal car, etc. it tends to make us see them as a typical, life not put perfectly together, human being. Which, of course, makes us all feel better about our lives.

One situation that celebrities tend to get the most gossip spread about them is when they get in trouble, like getting a DUI. I mean, what celebrity actually gets a DUI?! Don’t they have people for that?? But no, if a celebrity gets behind the wheel, after a fabulous night out enjoying $1000 bottle service, and they get pulled over, no amount of fame will get them out of the inevitable situation about to ensue.

It’s weird, when a tabloid is spread across People Magazine, showing a mug pic or blurry arresting scene of Sam Hunt or Reese Witherspoon, in handcuffs, being hauled off to jail. It makes them almost human. All fame pushed aside, raw, and exposed. After all, if any of us were to do the same thing, (maybe minus the extravagant red-carpet party), we would not get preferential treatment, so why should they?

What’s nice, is that they don’t. They get slapped with the same consequences as anyone else would. Thousands of dollars in fines, a night in jail (at minimum), license suspended, steps to complete, and yes that includes all steps. Counseling, Traffic Survival School, Alcohol Screening, Ignition Interlock, and SR-22. No skipping, no amount of money to move straight to “go”, no if’s and’s or but’s. Same rules apply, same consequences to be had.

So, just for fun, let’s gossip a bit! What big name celebrities have suffered from the bad decision of drinking and driving? As I’ve mentioned, Sam Hunt (most recently) was caught drinking and driving, an extreme slap on the wrist at that. Reese Witherspoon, years ago, pulled over for a DUI.

Justin Bieber, even Keanu Reeves, I KNOW, he is so perfect! But even the ones you would never expect can have poor judgement at times. Of course, Lindsey Lohan, she pretty much got caught with everything under the moon and was charged for each narcotic found. Khloe Kardashian, yes, even a Kardashian can get into trouble. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have both been charged with a DUI.

Full House’s John Stamos, yes, you got it dude, Uncle Jesse! How could he?! He’s human, that’s how. Even athletes get into trouble. Michael Phelps, pressure of being perfect really got to him. Lamar Odem, I’m sure we all remember that period of tension when the world thought we would lose him. Drugs and alcohol, they can really destroy a life, even if you’re famous. Bruno Mars, he for sure could not sing his way out of that one.

The list really goes on and on. Celebrities, just like us “normal” folk, fall prey to bad decisions, and with all that fame and fortune, maybe they approached the situation with the impression of being untouchable. But, when it comes to drinking and driving, safety is the real issue. No amount of fame and money and status will keep you excluded from the law.

So, this post is not necessarily about statistics or reasons to not drink and drive. More, this is to make poor decisions seem less exclusive to any old “normal” person. Anyone can get a DUI. If you drink and get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are not excluded to getting around the law. So, if you, or someone you know, has had a DUI, take a look at others who have had a DUI, don’t be SO hard on yourself, of course, learn from your mistake, but know that it is not just you.

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