BBQ’s, Pool Parties and Tough Conversations

May 24, 2019 |Share this Article:

Despite the recent weather anomalies that Arizona has been experiencing during these supposed global warming days (cough, cough, bbbbrrrrr), Summer is now upon us.  That’s right, it’s Memorial Day weekend and, as most of us know, Memorial Day weekend is the official Summer kick off.  BBQ’s, pool parties, camping trips, cruising on the lake, it’s all super fun in the sun.

And what goes hand in hand with all this fun? Cold beers in cute coozies, refreshing margaritas and sangria, even those fun vodka infused otter pops that take us back down memory lane, the adult version (wink, wink). It’s warm, it’s relaxing, it’s the perfect mix of all things great.

But here are some sobering facts that perhaps you should know before you get too deep into this three-day weekend.  Did you know that when these anticipated three-day weekends come about people tend to take advantage of them and hit the road to anywhere but here?  That means more people on the road, and let’s face it, the roads around here are already pretty jam packed on a normal day.  More people on the road, means more chances of getting in someone’s way and causing an accident.

Every year more and more accidents are occurring during weekends like this, it’s really quite insane. Even more so, of these accidents, around 44% of them end in DUI convictions.  Yikes! That’s all that fun in the eh cloudyish sun we’ve been having getting to people’s heads (insert head shaking emoji – oh wait, they don’t have that one yet, OK insert head smacking emoji).

Did you also know that this weekend is also considered one of the deadliest times for a teen to be on the road? I mean, it makes sense.  Graduation is an exciting right of passage for these kids and it’s time to get out there and party the night away.  So, what should we adults do? Have a conversation! Talk it out. Let’s get personal up in here, up in here!  It’s OK to have that convo with your son or daughter and be real with them.  Let them know that it is dangerous out there and that they should proceed with caution.  It may just be the one conversation that could save their life.

Trust me, they will get it. They may put up a front and say that they would never, or they may even seem as though they aren’t listening, but they are. Just think about when you were a kid and “pretended” not to listen to your parents.  We all know we were and are now plagued with the passing down of those mom/dad jokes and phrases as a result.

And it shouldn’t be teens alone that we are having these seemingly difficult conversations with.  We should be talking to each other, encouraging all our friends and family and ourselves alike with the truth of drinking and driving.  Let them know you care by giving them options.  Sometimes, it may seem as though there aren’t options available.  Let them know that you got their back by giving them a place to stay, by taking their keys away if you know they will be drinking, or by ordering an Uber/Lyft for them.  You may just save a life by doing so. Very superhero status.

Sometimes it seems as though we, as a society, tend to shy away from being tough on our friends and family when it comes to addressing drinking and driving.  Being tough is what people need in order to understand just how dangerous a seemingly simple decision of driving home drunk can be.  It shouldn’t be a “simple” decision. It shouldn’t be a decision at all.  It shouldn’t be an option.  And we need to hold each other accountable to this.

Don’t be that person that says, “they’re an adult, they can make their own decisions”.  Sure, that may be true in some situations, but when it comes to drinking, inhibitions are lowered. That decision-making voice that each of us have is on vacation and their temporary fill in is highly under qualified.  So, instead, be that person that says, “this person needs help and I’m going to be there for them”.  Save a life, one tough conversation at a time.

Let’s also remember what this weekend is really about – our military men and women who have fought and died to keep us all free and safe. Do you really want to let that hard fought, life giving sacrifice to be for nothing?

Have a good time, laugh, dance, dive into that refreshing, chlorinated water.  Camp it up, lake it out, just remember to do all of this in a responsible state of mind. Get some sticks, whoever picks the shortest, they drive, or take an Uber/Lyft (use our Lyft code – NODUI – for a discount) or stay where you’re at – mark it and park it.

If you do have a DUI, get one this weekend or any time in the future, or you know someone who has, remember that we are here for you! DPX DUI Process Experts is a free service – free and full of connections.  We know the people!  And these people know what to do to get you through the process to regain your license.  With our help, knowledge and resources we will make sure that this messy DUI process is as stress free and seamless as possible.

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And for those of you have served, or are currently serving, our country, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you do for us and for our country.  We honor you this weekend.